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Valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a liquid (gas, liquid, fluidized solid) by opening, closing, or closing part of the flow path. Valve or valve is a device that is installed on a piping system, which functions to regulate, control and direct the flow of fluid by opening, closing or partially closing the fluid flow. Valve / valve has an important role in an industry such as the oil and gas industry which includes flowing into the distillation column and controlling ignition in the furnace.

Valve can be operated manually, both by using the handle, pedal lever and so on. Besides being operated manually, there is also a type of valve that is operated automatically, ie the control is carried out using the principle of changes in flow, pressure and temperature in the pipe. The three changes will affect the diaphragm, spring or piston so that it will automatically move the valve with the system open and close.